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Project process control

Each mould is used to glue two pieces together with a certain tolerance at 400°C in a furnace. The furnace contains 400 moulds 80kgs each.

The adjustment of each mould is done by a reference mould and takes 2 man hours work, with the mould offline. Obvious this costs too much time with no production. PPE Holland was involved to develop a quicker and more reliable adjustment procedure.

During a review it was shown, that 20% of the machine capacity was not used.

Together with the factory process engineers a new procedure to control the adjustment process has been developed.

The adjustment time for one mould was reduced from 2 hours offline till 1 minute inline. The product quality increased significantly.

Average displacement error reduced from 0.7 mm till 0.1 mm. Standard deviation displacement error reduced from 0.4 mm till 0.1 mm.


  • Production increase 20%. (bottle-neck)
  • Yield increase 5%.

Project adjustment

The adjustment procedure of this machine was complex and difficult to understand. Together with local engineers we found out how to improve the adjustment procedure.

The adjustment time was reduced from 12 times 3 hours, off-line, till only 20 minutes in-line.

Average product disalignment errors were reduced from 0.5 till 0.0 mm. Standard deviation on disalignment errors were reduced from 0.3 till 0.05 mm.


  • Downtime during adjustment and readjustment reduce by 36 hours.
  • Yield increase by 4%.